Sewing Revel Classes Announced

The Revel on February 20 will include classes to help you get started on making or improving your wardrobe.

Class start times are approximate and it is expected that projects started during the sessions will be continued through the afternoon.

1.30pm Class: It’s Hemming Time by milady Cecily

Finish your garments properly with hand hemming. We’ll look at four different hem stitches, including a good basic diagonal hem and the hand rolled hem and create a small hem sampler/handkerchief as a practice piece. Fabric squares will be provided, but will be patterned/coloured cotton. So BYO white linen if you want an oddly hemmed handkerchief for future use!

2.00pm Class: Construction seams by Lady Emoni

With a needle, some thread and a limited amount of seams you can make most garments without needing to invest in a sewing machine. Materials and instructions will be provided to make a simple coif. Suitable for anyone who still needs to be introduced to a needle and thread, no pre-knowledge necessary.

2.30pm Class: Basic stitches and how to transfer patterns to fabric by milady Maude

So what’s the next step on from putting your garb together? To make it more personal, you can add embellishment in the form of trims, braids and embroidery. The class will cover how to get your design on to your garb and four of the most common embroidery stitches. Basic materials of cotton squares and embroidery floss will be provided but feel free to bring along your own.

3.00pm Class: Making a Pattern Block by Lady Lynette

Mediaeval tailors could use their clients to drape and draught patterns. It’s awkward to drape and draught on yourself. Using some simple tools it is possible to make a three-dimensional model of your body which you can use as a basis for pattern-making. For this workshop anyone Elizabethan who wears a corset should wear it. Any women should wear a comfortable unstructured bra, or whatever underpinnings they expect to wear under their medieval clothes.

For information about attending the revel, please see the event page.