Excitement is brewing about the Tavern Revel

British Library Medieval, Additional 27695, c. 1330-40 The next Thamesreach Revel will focus on the pleasures (and perils) of the medieval tavern.

Afternoon activities will include:

A chance to try several period dice, card and board games.

A talk on brewing.

A tasting of (modern) beers and wines that approximate some of the flavours of ancient and medieval drinks.

The Thamesreach minstrels will perform several songs for our entertainment.

There will be a demonstration by the shire’s fencers of how to survive a dagger attack.

These will be followed by a potluck feast and dancing.


There is also a competition to provide the Thamesreach Tavern with an inn sign. Entries can be in any flat material and approx 30x30cm to fit the blank sign board.


Please bring any of your recently completed projects or works in progress for the Show and Tell A&S display.

The revel is on March 19 at Hargrave Hall. See the events page for further details.