Tavern Revel – 18th March 2017

Join us to learn about brewing, play medieval tavern games, sing bawdy songs and dance some simple medieval dances.

We will learn how to play medieval board, dice and card games, including Fox and Geese, Hazard and Nine Men’s Morris – and try our wits against each other.

There will be an interactive talk on medieval beer making and its ingredients, with samples to taste, smell and handle.

We will learn the basic steps  needed for several medieval bransles and other dances, so that beginners and anyone who needs a refresher can join in the dancing after feast.

In the evening, there will be a pot luck feast and musical merriment will be led by our minstrels.

Our revels are held in period garb. We have a small supply of spare period clothing, which is available if you contact us to confirm that you are coming.
Bring along “feast gear” (a bowl/plate, a drinking vessel and some cutlery) plus a contribution to the feast (bread, cold meats, cheeses and many fruits are excellent medieval offerings and always welcome).

Doors will be open from 1pm and the merriment will end at 9pm.

Hargrave Hall is close to Archway tube station on the Northern Line. Find Hargrave Hall on Google maps here

The first visit is free. For everyone else we would ask for £6 towards hall costs, with concessions available.