What’s brewing in Thamesreach?

-Members of Thamesreach gets together to brew their own beer-

One Sunday in February a group of brewers, and  soon-to-be-brewers, gathered at a small brewery in central London to try their hands at  making their own beer under the watch full eyes of Nasr and Robert.

Nasr the experienced brewer, with his trusty companion Robert by his side, explained the process of brewing beer. We were to make two types of beers, a blonde Kipling and a dark Export India Porter. To do this water was to be heated, malts to be precisely weighed out and then boiled for an hour. And so we set about our tasks. Whilst waiting for the mash to boil, the participants headed off to explore the nearby street market, and, in the poetic words of Marie, “shove scotch eggs down our gaping maws”.

Once returned to the brewery the group proceeded to draw off the liquid, called wort, and some amazing aromas spread in the room. The wort was once again set to boil, which takes a lot longer when the stove is not working properly…. Once the wort had reached boiling temperature the carefully selected hops were added. As the wort continued boiling for another hour there was a second  chance for a break and this time our attention was turned to the brewery’s assorted collection of beer. Maude’s natural choice was the Exploding Kitten beer, which sadly did not come with a label depicting a kitten with laser beam eyes.

As the day drew to a close we cleaned up/out the brewery and headed for the nearest pub to discuss possible names for our newly brewed beers, now maturing in the vaults of the brewery, awaiting bottling in a weeks’ time.

We all look forward to our upcoming Tavern Revel on 28 April in North London, when the bottles will be distributed and devoured with pride. We hope to see many of our new and old friends there to share in the merriment.