Feast of St Adalbert

Events come in many different shapes and guises. This weekend saw a company of Thamesreachers venture across the sea to enjoy the small but perfectly formed Feast of St Adalbert, the second incarnation of an event set in the 16th century. The doors to a country noble house in county Offaly, Ireland, were thrown open to enjoy a weekend of literary discussion, music, period food and good company. Several classes were given by teachers from near and far covering topics such as improvisational theatre, how to write music in a period style, exploring period recipes.
In addition to this there were also many chances to offer up one’s voice in song or even read an Elizabethan play.

The weekend foucsed on meeting old friends and making new ones in a relaxed atmosphere were period dishes of many courses were specailly prepared for each meal and served by candle light.

The evening meal gave the guests many opportunities to spontaneous perform songs, poetry and dance to entertain her highness the princess of Insulae Draconis. The evening concluded with a lesson in applied mathematics and economics using educational games (N.B. this was in no way a gambling den!).

A most excellent time was had by all, and we look forward to soon returning to see our good friends across the Irish sea.