Kingdom University

November sees people from all over Drachenwald (and the Known World) to attend Kingdom University –a day of talks and classes covering every aspect of life in the Middle Ages, followed by a sumptuous feast. This year, Kingdom University was held at Ingestre Hall, a beautiful late Elizabethan manor house near Stafford. Small flurrie of Thamereachers old and new, headed north to be educated.

As usual, this is when a cloning device would be useful to allow being in multiple places at once but, given this hasn’t been developed yet, Maude and Emoni decided that divide and conquer would be the best strategy with sharing of notes at the end. To this end, they ticked off the etiquette of medieval table setting and serving, tablet weaving edges on clothing, urban medieval cookery, Elizabethan embroidery. Edward was led by his tastebuds to a talk on how apple pie recipes developed over time and he was adamant that this wasn’t only because he would get to taste them all. Suitably fuelled, he was then educated in three ways to deal with the Icelandic walking dead. Always handy!

Other Thamesreachers covered training in longsword methods, being sneaky with your fencing, how to make rope, learnt about renaissance music, asked an expert scribe about calligraphy and could take a practical class in making pastry. There was something for everyone.

We also had the chance to introduce a newcomer to Thamesreach to the wider community of Drachenwald and show them how amazing and varied a group we are.