Flintheath Shire weekend

Thamesreach, mighty though it is, does not exist alone in the principality of Insulae Draconis. To the north lies Flintheath, a shire which can be reached in little time and has many friendly residents, including some former Thamesreach residents. At the end of May they held their first multi-day event over the bank holiday weekend.

The venue was Manor Farm which has plenty of camping space as well as a barn which has looked to been in continual usage since it was built in the 14th century. The weekend was very relaxed and House de Elsynge turned up on Sunday afternoon to join in and also try out the new pavilion.

Once the accommodation had been set up, there were options to join in some armoured combat, archery, admire some equestrian activity or just relax, catch up with people not seen for a while and plot what to have for dinner.

Her Highness, Princess Constanza, arrived later in the afternoon and held  court where Lord John of Thamesreach was deservedly presented with the Order of the Fox. His grin was almost as sparkly as his armour! 

Tales of derring-do and how to distinguish different foxes occupied the later hours before heading off to bed.

Hats off to Lord Ranulf le Norreis for organising the event and we only wish we could have made it for more of the weekend. From what has been heard on the grapevine, this will happen again next year. Hmm.. where did the pencil and the diary go?