Thamesreach Bunting Project

The Thamesreach Bunting is an ongoing project for the shire, started by Robert de Canterbury and Geneviève de Flechiere, to add atmosphere to our halls and revels. The bunting is currently undergoing some attention and repairs, but as we (hopefully) return to indoor revels and events it will, once again, grace the rafters with festive style.

Our bunting captures a visual history of the shire through the coats of arms of Thamesreach residents past and present — anyone who lives or has lived in Thamesreach is welcome to add their device (along with a flag of the Thamesreach arms to keep the bunting growing). We also welcome contributions from friends of Thamesreach who may not live here in person but are still part of our social fabric.

The above link is to a .pdf of a basic shield shape for your own device, and a pattern you can use for the Thamesreach arms.


Make two of each, so it’s equally lovely from all directions.

Any textile medium is welcome – sewing, applique, embroidery, paint, or even weaving. We recommend using materials that are sturdy and prewashed, or at least won’t run if they get damp. The bunting has travelled a lot in its time, so whatever you contribute needs to stand up to regular use and occasional washing.

Give yourself about a 1-cm margin around the edge for seam allowance. After you’ve finished the designs and you’re ready to sew it up, put the two pieces together inside out, stitch around the outside edge, leaving the top edge unstitched so it can be turned inside out and attached to the bunting tape.

If you’d like help making your flag, or if you don’t have a device, yet, ask on the Shire Facebook page and we’ll get you sorted!