Insulae Draconis award blank competition!


That’s right. The prize is a pack of 25 sheets of 24 carat transfer gold. Double thick, because that’s the way I roll.

Between now and 25 March (Lady day, a rent day), send me, the signet of the isles, scroll blanks for the use of Insulae Draconis. For each scroll you send me I will put your name into a hat. Three blanks, three entries to win gold. Ten blanks, ten chances.

On 26 March, I will draw a single name out of the hat, ask for the winner’s address, and send them gold.

All scribes in the kingdom or who hold a Popular Company of Sojourners are welcome to submit.

Please contact for the address when you are ready to ship.

Thank all of you for the work you do!

Ari Mala, Insulae Draconis signet officer

Sponsored by Their Highnesses and the signet office.