Data Protection and Privacy Notice

General Principle
The Shire of Thamesreach is committed to looking after data properly. We recognise that all information collected, processed and stored in order to carry out our activities must be handled fairly, lawfully and securely and properly disposed of when no longer necessary.

Data Storage and Access
All information is held securely in electronic format in group-controlled accounts hosted by third-party data providers (eg. Google Docs) and is only to be accessed, used or shared appropriately by people with legitimate interest, such as shire officers and event team members.

General Data
The group holds some information for the proper, legal and safe governance and organisation of the legitimate interests and obligations of the group. This includes, but is not limited to: accounts, correspondence, accident reports, safeguarding information and information about venue bookings.

Personal Data
For all events, including single day events and practices a list of names of those attending will be collected via an attendance sheet, to be retained in electronic form by the relevant Group Seneschal for no more than seven years, after which it will be securely deleted. This information is held for insurance purposes. When a shire hosts Principality or Kingdom events within Insulae Draconis, this data will be shared with and stored by the Principality Seneschal for the same period.
In order to attend or register for an event with advance registration, participants are asked to provide some details, which will vary by event but are likely to include:
• Your name and SCA name – so we know who is coming
• Contact details, usually phone numbers and email addresses – so we can provide further information about the event, including notifying you of any changes.
• Whether you are a member of the SCA or an affiliate body of the SCA – in order for us to comply with society reporting of attendance
• Any food allergies or other special dietary needs – for events where food is prepared
• Any other information you provide to the event team eg. physical limitations on bunk bed use
We will ask for your explicit consent to hold and use event registration data for the purposes of organising and running the event.
Full information on event attendees is available to the core event team only (usually event steward, deputy event steward, head cook and registration steward). Some information, excluding contact information, may also be made available to other event team members (such as kitchen helpers, volunteers at the registration desk, heralds) where necessary.  Real names of attendees may be provided to appropriate site staff if required (for eg. safety or security reasons).
Information regarding payments via bank transfer or IBAN is collected and processed by the bank. Only people with a legitimate interest, normally Shire Exchequer and/or a registration steward, have access to information provided on the bank statement about payments.
SCA names may be publicly displayed online showing who is expected to attend. SCA names of event attendees may be retained and published in a variety of ways after an event, to keep a record of the Society’s activities.
Registration information, other than the attendance sheet, will be securely deleted no later than six months after the event. Paper copies of the attendance sheet will be securely destroyed once an electronic copy has been sent to the appropriate seneschal.

Photography and Media Consent
If you agree to images, recordings or other media which you made or in which you appear being used by the group (eg. on the website, on leaflets) we will keep a record of your consent.
Mailing Lists
If the group operates an email-based mailing list for group communications, any list of email addresses, user names and passwords will be held securely by the mailing list administrator. You may request un-subscription at any time. Information on membership of social media groups and mailing groups used for communication, eg. Facebook, Yahoo!, is held by the provider, not the group.

Recruiting Data
From time to time contact information may be collected at eg. demos in order to send out information about the group’s activities. This information will be collected via a form seeking consent to receive email about the group and upcoming shire events. One email will be sent, providing links to the relevant group’s website and social media presences and asking the recipient to confirm consent to use that email address for any further contact.

Sharing Information with Third Parties
Information may be shared with appropriate people within the Shire, SCA Principality, Kingdom and Society structures where proper and necessary to the legitimate interests of the group.

As mentioned above, real names of event attendees may be provided to appropriate site staff if required. We do not pass any other personal data to third parties outside the SCA, other than for cloud storage or if legally required to do so.
If event management or ticketing systems are used in order to collect event information we will only use reputable providers with appropriate data protection policies.

Updating or deleting your details
Please contact the event registration steward if you need to update any details in the run up to an event.
Please contact the relevant seneschal in order to request deletion of any of your details or request a copy of the data we currently hold on you, by emailing: