Beer and Museums!
Date As announced on Thamesreach list, Thamesreach Yahoogroup calendar and our homepage
Time 6:30 pm onward

Victoria & Albert Museum, or British Museum, or National Portrait Gallery

Other suggestions welcome!


Museums are huge. Long visits can be overwhelming, hard on the feet, hard to remember in detail afterward.

So we are trying out periodic 'beer and museum' evenings on Fridays, when both the British Museum and the V&A are open late.

The idea is to gather at the museum, look at just 2-3 really cool artifacts, and then go for a beer, and talk about them.

Ideally, one of our number will play tour guide, and tell us a bit about the items of choice.

We have enough expertise in our group in different areas that we think we can successfully visit several times, with different 'guides', and still not be bored.

Cost Museums appreciate donations, and suggest around £3/visit.

Travel info to reach V&A, from their website.

British Museum, from their website.

National Portrait Gallery, from their website.


Let us know if you're joining us!

Some limited crash space available for anyone visiting from out of town.

Phone 07717 070216 (Genevieve's mobile)