Food and Drink


Brewers’ Guild

Brewing is a fun form of do-it-yourself home chemistry, with results you can drink! It’s also an excellent social pastime, and doesn’t require a lot of experience. “The Wrecked Angle Brewery” in Thamesreach has supported brewers of all skill levels.

Brewing in Thamesreach is sporadic, but AS 46 (2011) saw the launch of the Insulae Draconis Brewers Guild, dedicated to the learning and development of brewing skills, as well as the appreciation of all things fermentable.

(past) Wrecked Angle Guildmistress: Lady Meesha de Valence

Culinary Guild

Thamesreach is home to many keen cooks and willing experimenters, and we typically roll away from our revel feasts stuffed to the gills with delicious medieval food.

There is no formal structure to the Culinary Guild, and unless otherwise declared, everyone in the Shire is assumed to be a member! All level of cooks (from the culinarily-challenged meal-in-a-can cook to the hobby chef) are very welcome, as you can all learn from and offer something to the Guild. All you need is the ability to peel apples and eat.

The aim of the Culinary Guild is to teach people about the techniques, ingredients, health theories and other such matters of early, medieval and renaissance cuisine, mainly through practical experience. Also the skills of menu selection, budgeting, goods acquisition etc etc that are necessary in cooking for Society events. At the end of the day however, we do it because we like to eat good food and have fun.

Event and recipe enquires welcome. For details please contact the Guildmistress, HE Lucrezia-Isabella di Freccia.

Cooking Guild Yahoogroup, the mailing list for the cooks of Drachenwald.

SCA-Cooks Mailing List – a very informative, helpful and fun list on medieval and other cooking open to anyone. Expect to learn a great deal. Put only the following line in the BODY of the message:
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