Other Crafts

Thamesreach also has a great number of artisans and craftsmen and -women who are interested in embroidery, costuming, knitting, crochet and so on. There are two major groupings for information and sharing ideas covering the British Isles and Europe in the SCA.

Dragon Needle and Embroidery Guild is a group of individuals in the Kingdom of Drachenwald that practice the arts of the needle. These arts include but are not limited to embroidery, hand sewing, nalbinding, knitting, and the like! The Guild always welcomes more members, please contact the ID Region Representative jahanara@thepurplelotus.org, or the Head of the Guild, Racaire ego@racaire.at. More information can also be found at the Guild’s website.

Insulae Draconis Fibre Interest Group
The Principality of Insulae Draconis also has a Fibre Interest Group, which is open to anyone interested in fibre arts. These arts include but are not limited to weaving, knitting, embroidery, nalbinding, woodworking, and dying. Anyone interested in joining the Interest Group can contact the Group Head at jahanara@thepuprlelotus.org. The Interest Group website may also prove useful for information.