Shire Meeting

Medieval illumination of a university lecturer and gathering of students
We're trying to schedule a virtual Thamesreach Shire meeting. If you're in our Facebook group, or on the Insulae Draconis Discord server, you can respond to the polls there. If you're not, please get in touch with the Thamesreach Seneschal at with which of these dates will work for you:Thursday, April 13Sunday, April 16Tuesday, April 18All would...
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Drachenwald Coronation moves online

Drachenwald crowns on boxes, seen from above
It is time for the Long Reign of Drachenwald to come to an end, and for the Heirs to the Black Dragon Thrones to take Their rightful place. Due to the Plague, this glorious event will be restricted to distant spectators, via livestream (viewing only). The event will take place on Saturday, January 8, at 3pm (London). Check the Calendar listing for the link.
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First Event Guide

people in medieval dress playing a game outside
Welcome! We’re delighted you’re considering coming to your first SCA event. Whether you’ve been along to any smaller local get-togethers and practices or this is your first real-life encounter with what we do, we hope it's fun for everyone. What do I need to bring? Clothing: The basic dress code for events is “a reasonable attempt at pre-1600 clothing”. Some people will ...
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Find us on social media

Illumination marginalia from the Luttrel Psalter
A good way to keep up with what's happening in Thamesreach and around the Isles is to follow us on our social channels. Join our general Facebook group for general information about what's happening in the Shire.There is also a closed Facebook group called "Thamesreach - SCA", which you can ask to join to connect with Shire members and friends.You can also join t...
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Early Music for the Festive Season

The churches, concert halls and music schools of this our city and Shire have much to offer in the way of early music during the festive season. These all include at least some pre 17th century music, sometimes amid a mixed programme. THUR 3 DEC, 7.30pm Mediaeval Baebes: Christmas Tour, Of Kings and Angels St James's Church, London FRI 4 DEC, 7...
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What to expect

So you've found our site, but perhaps you don't know where to start. We offer a lot of different opportunities - you may only be interested in the combat, where others the archery and still others prefer the feasting! Whether it is the historical equivalent of your favourite sport or craft, or a new hobby entirely, we hope to make a place for you in the Shire. You're welc...
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