Shire Meeting

Medieval illumination of a university lecturer and gathering of students
We're trying to schedule a virtual Thamesreach Shire meeting. If you're in our Facebook group, or on the Insulae Draconis Discord server, you can respond to the polls there. If you're not, please get in touch with the Thamesreach Seneschal at with which of these dates will work for you:Thursday, April 13Sunday, April 16Tuesday, April 18All would...
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Insulae Draconis award blank competition!

a detail of burnished gold leaf
YOU COULD WIN GOLD! That’s right. The prize is a pack of 25 sheets of 24 carat transfer gold. Double thick, because that’s the way I roll. Between now and 25 March (Lady day, a rent day), send me, the signet of the isles, scroll blanks for the use of Insulae Draconis. For each scroll you send me I will put your name into a hat. Three blanks, three entries to win gold. T...
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Find us on social media

Illumination marginalia from the Luttrel Psalter
A good way to keep up with what's happening in Thamesreach and around the Isles is to follow us on our social channels. Join our general Facebook group for general information about what's happening in the Shire.There is also a closed Facebook group called "Thamesreach - SCA", which you can ask to join to connect with Shire members and friends.You can also join t...
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Hamlet of Hart’s Holt

Do you live in Hertfordshire or Bedfordshire? The Hamlet of Hart's Holt is a community of Thamesreach folks who live slightly North of London, but not quite completely into the countryside. They're fully part of the Shire, and often come to London, but sometimes just want to be home in time for dinner. Contact our Seneschal for more information.
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