Activities and (tentative) schedule


The main focus of the day is the tourney itself, to determine the heirs to Marcus and Cecilia.

The marshal in charge is the HG Sir Alaric of Bangor.

The list minister is the Kingdom list minister, or their designated deputy.

Other activities planned:

  • Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition and display - please consult the Kingdom A&S minister for details
  • Scriptorium
  • Classes as volunteers allow
  • Peerage meetings
  • Pickup fighting and rapier combat, depending on availability of marshals
  • Afternoon/evening dancing, depending on availability of musicians and dance leaders

Tentative schedule

Please remember that British Summer Time begins this weekend.



6 pm

Site opens to guests.



8 am


10 am

Armour inspection

Start of procession


Tourney starts



2 pm

Peer circle meetings start; approx 1/2 hr each

2 pm to 5 pm

Weather (and marshals) permitting: pickup fighting, fencing

Marshals permitting, archery

Scriptorium opens

Viewing & judging A&S

Classes - one offered so far, others welcome!

Dance - music & leaders needed

5 pm


6 pm

Feast starts

7.30 pm

Dancing and good fellowship by the fire



8 am

Breakfast served

12 noon

Cleanup finished, pack up, site closes


All these activities require additional volunteers to make them happen. Please contact a steward to offer to help!

We will need:

  • Early-arrival folk to put up signs and help the reservations steward set up
  • Marshals for combat
  • Kitchen staff for cooking (please contact the cook to volunteer!)
  • Breakfast/lunch setup crew to arrange these meals
  • Scullery staff to wash up after feast
  • Set up staff to arrange the hall for feast and for court
  • Teachers for classes
  • Musicians and dance leaders for dancing