Michaelmas IV 28-30 September, 2018

Do not mourn the passing of summer. Do not mourn that Ffair Rhaglen has closed its gates for another year. Take joy in the turning of the leaves and cooler days, delight in the bountiful crops and freshly pressed cider, and pride in the gleam of armour. Thamesreach warmly welcomes all to celebrate Michaelmas on 28-30 September 2018 with the shire’s legendary hospitality.

On Saturday morning, the Knights of St Michael invite all those who would compete to become the Guardian of St Michael to face the Tenans of the Company in an armoured tournament to honour their Patron.

Those who wish may display their skills at steel or bow, or to get together to enhance their knowledge of the arts and sciences.

In the evening, we will serve a sumptuous feast in the Middle Eastern style, and we will make merry until the early hours.

Site Details:

Scout Park, Gordon Road, London N11 2PB, United Kingdom  

Conveniently close to Bounds Green underground station on the Piccadilly line, which has good connections to mainline rail and airports. Car parking is available on site.

Access to the site will be available from 4pm Friday. We will close at 2pm on Sunday.

There are plenty of bunk beds and a field (plus toilets and showers) will be available for those who prefer to camp. Regrettably, due to increased costs of hiring the venue we are not able to offer a reduced rate for camping. Daytripping on Saturday is also possible.

Please bring your own bedding. If this is not possible due to travel, etc, please contact us at thamesreach.michaelmas@gmail.com.

Booking & Costs:

This year we are trialling a new booking system through Brown Paper Tickets, in order to ensure the maximum convenience and efficiency for all. Your payment must be made at the booking stage in order to guarantee your place. The electronic booking system incurs a small service fee, which is included in the prices given below. Part of Brown Paper Tickets profits is given to charities, and you are invited to indicate which area you wish to support during the booking process.     

PLEASE BOOK HERE: https://michaelmas.brownpapertickets.com/

If you do not have a credit card and wish to attend the event, please contact us at thamesreach.michaelmas@gmail.com.

We would be happy to receive feedback on how this works out and how we can improve the bookings further, so please let us know.

Full weekend adult £58.75 (including booking fee) (Event fee £56)

Full weekend, aged 16 and under £38.57 (including booking fee) (Event fee £36.50)

Full weekend, aged six and under – FREE

Family Cap: If you have more than one child in the family, you only need to book for the adults and the oldest child.

Saturday daytripper – includes meals and all activities £28.22 (including booking fee) (Event fee £26.50)

Late surcharge for bookings after 21 September: £8

Bookings will close on 27 September.

Cancellation policy: If you need to cancel, your event fee will be returned, but we are not able to return the booking system service charge. We regret that we will not be able to reimburse cancellations after 14 September.  

Is this your first event?

We are very happy to have you along! If you’ve never been to an event before, see the First Event Guide: http://www.thamesreach.org/first-event-guide/


Event team:

Event steward: Vitus Polonius

Head Cook: Aodh Ó Siadhail

Marshal-in-Charge: Agnes des Illes

Fencing Coordinator: TBC

Archery Coordinator: TBC

A&S Coordinator : Currently vacant, are you interested?