Useful Links

Whether you prefer martial activities or arts and sciences, here is a continually growing collection of links for further study.

Please note that Thamesreach is not responsible for the content of external websites.

Medieval clothing pages – articles by Cynthia Virtue: excellent introduction to making clothes for yourself, with no special experience required.

Basic Armouring: A Practical Introduction to Armour Making: HE Master Paul de Gorey’s classic introduction to making armour with minimal tools. Hosted by House Brighthelm.

Blacksmithing Basics: A short introduction with further links to information about The Medieval Blacksmith – Thanks to Mason to forwarding this link to us!

Gode Cookery: medieval recipes a go-go.

Larsdatter’s medieval material culture pages: excellent source of pictures of Medieval Stuff(tm).

House Greydragon: Pavilions, camp furnishings and brewing.