Michaelmas Schedule

This is a draft schedule for the Michaelmas Weekend to help you plan which kit to bring. All items are subject to change, especially in the event of unhelpful weather. Specific times for A&S classes will be added asap. A final schedule will be available on arrival.



2pm Set-up team only on site. If you can help with set up please let Cecily know in advance.

4pm Site Opens.
Arrive, register, find your bunk, pitch your tent, help out with remaining set up, change into garb. Tea, coffee, biscuits and fruit will be available in the Hall.

Medieval indoor and (weather permitting) outdoor games available all evening.

Spontaneous singing and musical entertainment are encouraged.

Travelers’ Fare available from approx 7pm. Late arrivals will be fed, though after 10pm this may be a cold supper.


7-9am breakfast


Archery – Coaching (including for beginners) and informal competition

Armoured Combat –

9am Field opens for training & Armouring up
10am Inspections
10:30am St Michael’s Tournament: The Knights of St Michael call all Vennans to the field to stand against the Tennans of the company.

Fencing – field open from 9am for inspection and authorisations. Further plans to follow

Arts & Sciences –
9.30am – Camp cooking
10:45am – Beginners Scribing

There will also be space open for crafting, a Clay on the Day competition and an Open Competition (please deliver entries before lunch)

Noon – 1pm Lunch Served

1pm-2pm Stool Ball contest (about Stool Ball: http://slumberland.org/sca/articles/stoolball.html)


Archery – Portsmouth Round

Armoured Combat –

2pm – 4pm Field open for training, Getting new fighters into armour.
4pm – 5pm Southwark Bear Pit Tourney

Fencing –
2pm – A Swiss Elimination tourney to be hosted by Thamesreach MiT Ingvar Grahok
4pm – Master Alexandre is invited to play the prize for the rank of Provost in the Drachenwald Academy of Defence

Arts & Sciences –

                2 pm Persian designs
                3:15pm Embroidery

5-6pm Refresh and beautify yourself for court. Feast set up in hall

6-7.30pm Court and first course of feast to be held in Woodland Circle

8pm Please be seated ready for the next course of feast

Dancing, games and general merriment until late


8am-10am Breakfast

10-noon Ask Me Anything Brunch*

10-noon Armoured Combat field open for Training. Other martial activities if appropriate marshals are available and willing.

From noon – Please help with site clean-up

4pm – Site closes


*Ask Me Anything Brunch – volunteers will host tables where they are open to questions on an SCA or historical topic of their choice over coffee or late breakfast. Examples: “I’m a fencer AMA” “I make scrolls AMA” or “I <3 12th century France AMA”