Rapier Revel – 22 April 2017

Join us for a full afternoon of rapier fencing, including a tourney and opportunities for authorisations, using the outdoor space at Hargrave Hall.

If you are hoping to authorise, please get in touch via cecilyarderne@gmail.com as knowing what you want to achieve will help in planning timing for the afternoon’s activities.

For fencers, would-be fencers and anyone else interested, we will begin the day with a hands-on discussion of our weapons and safety equipment and the testing and inspection standards they must pass. Those without their own equipment can also take part in the warm ups, footwork and distance drills.

Following any authorisations requested, there will be a “Dragon Pit” tourney, hosted by the Thamesreach Marshals in Training. See below for the rules. If time allows we will also try out a “Swiss Elimination” tourney format.

For the tourney and sparring, kit must pass inspection. The full rules on equipment are here: http://www.drachenwald.sca.org/content/kingdom-specific-regulations. We have a number of masks and gorgets available to borrow but no chest or groin protection available.

Throughout the afternoon the hall will be open to anyone wishing to work on their own arts and sciences projects or play medieval board games. If the weather is inclement, fencing will also be done in the hall.

In the evening, there will be a pot luck feast held in period garb. We have a small supply of spare period clothing, which may be available if you contact us to confirm that you are coming and let us know your size.

Bring along “feast gear” (a bowl/plate, a drinking vessel and some cutlery) plus a contribution to the feast (bread, cold meats, cheeses and many fruits are excellent medieval offerings and always welcome). There are shops and a farmers market near the hall. As many interesting bottles went unopened at the Tavern revel, there will also be an opportunity for a reprise of Lord James’ beer tasting.

Doors will be open from 1pm and the merriment will end at 9pm.

Hargrave Hall is close to Archway tube station on the Northern Line. Find Hargrave Hall on Google maps here

The first visit is free. For everyone else we would ask for £6 towards hall costs, with concessions available.

Dragon Pit Tourney

It’s St George’s Day weekend, so let’s have a tourney honouring Dragons (rather than saints, as we’re not sure Thamesreach has many of those)!

The Tourney Rules

It is a single rapier “bear pit”.

Winner stays on, until they have achieved five consecutive wins, after which they retire to the back of the queue without losing a life.

For a double kill both fencers retire and lose a life.

Wounds are retained until that life is lost.

Last dragon standing is the victor.

Additional prizes from the dragon’s shiny hoard will be given to the longest survivor of each dragon class.

Lives are given out as follows:

Hatchlings: Those first authorised at the revel receive 7 lives (ie 6 resurrections)

Fledglings: Those authorised within the past 12 months receive 6 lives

Swamp dragons: Authorised fencers who have not yet achieved academy rank or any other SCA fencing award receive 5 lives.

Night Furies: Free scholars of the Drachenwald Academy of Defence, or holders of similar status from elsewhere receive 4 lives.

Fire Drakes: Provosts of the Drachenwald Academy of Defence, or holders of similar status from elsewhere receive 3 lives.

Great Wyrms: Masters of Defence, holders of the White Scarf and Prefects of the Drachenwald Academy of Defence, or holders of similar status from elsewhere receive 2 lives.