Rapier Revel – Saturday 15 June 2019

St Mary’s Hall, Hendon Lane, Finchley, N3 1TS. 1pm-9pm

Join us for a full afternoon of rapier fencing, followed by a potluck feast.
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The day will see fencers recruited into the Thamesreach town garrison, earning coin for success (and spending it on tailoring repairs).

For fencers, would-be fencers and anyone else interested, we will begin the day with some fun warm-up exercises and drills. We will also practice using the event tokens as rigid parry devices!

Following any authorisations requested, there will be a tourney and melee. Coin may then be spent on prizes!

For the tourney and melee, kit must pass inspection and fencers must be authorised. The full rules on equipment are here: http://www.drachenwald.sca.org/content/kingdom-specific-regulations. We have a small number of swords, masks and gorgets available to borrow but no chest or groin protection available.

If you are hoping to authorise, either for the first time or in additional forms, please get in touch via cecilyarderne@gmail.com as knowing what you want to achieve will help in planning timing and marshaling for the afternoon’s activities.

We have the Large Hall until 4.15pm, so plan to use this time for the tourney and melee. The “Small” Hall we have for the rest of the time is still large enough for more compact fencing activities to continue until feasting time. A beginners introduction class will run after 4.30pm.

Throughout the afternoon there will be space for non-fencers wishing to work on their own craft projects or play medieval board games. It should also be possible to visit the neighbouring church, St Mary-at-Finchley which has some interesting surviving medieval features (though visit timing may have to work around any weddings). See: St Marye at Fynceslea

In the evening, there will be a cold pot luck feast held in period garb. We have a small supply of spare period clothing, which may be available if you request this when booking and let us know your size.

Bring along “feast gear” (a bowl/plate, a drinking vessel and some cutlery) plus a contribution to the feast (bread, cold meats, cheeses and many fruits are excellent medieval offerings and always welcome). There are plenty of food shops near the hall. We have use of a kitchen for access to the sink only – it will not be possible to heat dishes up.

Doors will be open from 1pm and the merriment will end at 9pm.

St Mary’s Hall is close to Finchley Central tube station on the Northern Line. There is a small car park available. Shire members are able to offer a limited amount of “crash space” to stay overnight in north London for anyone travelling long distance.

Your contribution to the cost of the event (mainly hall hire) will be taken in advance via Ticketsource. The full event will cost £10. Joining us for the feast only will cost £6. Concessions are available if you get in touch directly. Some pay-on-the-day places will be held open for newcomers and may be available at the last minute, but there will only be event tokens available for those booking in advance. Please book by May 31.

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