Who We Are

Welcome to Thamesreach, the current Middle Ages in London!

The Shire of Thamesreach is part of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA), an organisation that studies pre-17th century cultures by recreating the pastimes and crafts of those periods. If you live within London, are visiting, or just have an interest, please come and join in!

We’re a sociable bunch who are always happy to welcome newcomers, young and old.

On this site you will find information about who we are, what we do and how you can join in. If you have any questions or suggestions, please see the FAQ or get in touch.

If you are visiting London, please check the Visitors‘ pages, especially SCA folk who want to know the most important things to see and squeeze in whilst in town.

What we get up to

Revels: These are gatherings, usually consisting of an afternoon of activities and an evening of feasting, celebrating the arts of both war and peace. Activities range from arts and craft classes, period fighting, to whatever personal projects the members of our shire are working on.

Shire Business Meetings: Come talk about the future of our shire. Open for everyone! Modern dress (not period garb). These meetings are held on an ad hoc basis when there are topics in need of discussion. Check the calendar for the next one.

Crafternoons: Come join us for an afternoon of chatting and crafting.
Everyone is welcome with or without a project. Maybe you have a question about a new project, maybe you got stuck or tangled and need an extra pair of hands to help, maybe you just want to get out of the house and meet up for a good chat. Tea is provided, anything else please bring yourself (but do not feel obliged to)

‘Museum and Beer’ trips: To take advantage of the wealth of cultural resources in London, we try to get to a museum for a weekend or after-work view of a few artifacts, before heading to a pub. You can decide which part of the evening is most important!

SCA Events: We often visit other SCA groups further afield, who may host longer events with accommodation or camping.

Check the Calendar for details on dates and times.