Contact Us

Seneschal, Duchess Isabel Peregrinus – for general enquiries –

Chatelaine, Her Ladyship Marcella di Cavellino – if you are new to the Society or new to Thamesreach –

Exchequer, Lady Maude de Elsynge – for any financial questions –

Herald, Lady Maude de Elsynge – for any questions regarding heraldry or help to submit your name and coat of arms for registration –

Knight Marshal, Lord John of Thamesreach – for any questions regarding Armoured Combat –

Mistress of Arts and Sciences, Her Ladyship Marcella di Cavellino – for arts activities including info about craft afternoons and other gatherings –

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Thamesreach’s calendar contains an up to date listing of all current and forthcoming events, meetings and revels.

The Insulae Draconis official calendar provides event details across the many Shires of the British Isles and Iceland.

The Kingdom of Drachenwald official calendar contains the events relevant to Drachenwald.

Many of us are on Facebook, and there is a closed Facebook group called “Thamesreach – SCA”, which you can ask to join in order to keep an eye on plans for future activities. 

Joining the SCA

Thamesreach is an open and welcoming group and believes that newcomers should try out the various activities before deciding on joining. We can provide basic medieval-style clothing and equipment on request.

To find out more about how join please visit the Insulae Draconis website. Membership is £26 a year and includes the monthly Kingdom newsletter magazine Dragons TaleMembership is optional, and you can play as long as you like without a paid membership.

Membership is required for leadership roles due to insurance, where you would act on behalf of the group (ie, organise an event). For selected official events there are discounts for SCA membership, usually of about £5.

Most of all, it supports the Society structure that allows us to play with 60,000 others under the same rules and expectations across the various Kingdoms!