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Robert Master Robert of Canterbury RobertofCanterbury
Oriane Baroness Oriane d’Avallon Oriane dAvallon
Constanza_window Lady Constanza of Thamesreach is, despite her name, a fifteenth-century Florentine lady with a penchant for archery. She should not be confused with her brother, Lord Constantine Fletcher, who is a gentleman archer of Tudor London with a penchant for cooking.Genny Grim is a London-based librarian who still can’t quite believe they pay her to play with rare books. constanza_of_thamesreach
Lord Guy de Dinan is usually a 15th Century Breton retinue archer in the service of his Devon cousins, the Dynhams during the turbulent years of the Wars of the Roses. Having learned his trade by shooting Englishmen in the name of the Duke of Brittany, he occasionally shoots them in the name of Edward Plantagenet, the Rightful King of England and France, Lord of Ireland. Sometimes his 12th century ancestor makes an appearance.His interests, other than providing service to Shire, Principality and Household, are archery, rapier combat, cooking and brewing. Guy also maintains an online presence, mainly discussing brewing.Adam Edwards is is living in St Albans, working on civil service contracts and maps.
FB_IMG_1439293643702 Pernel Chaloner is the Herald Pursuivant for Thamesreach. She is happy to assist with all your questions about devices, badges and persona names.
Mi’lady Pernel is the widow of a London Merchant, a member of the Drapers Guild in the City, and so feels herself to be a woman of substance (though she affects modesty about this). Her persona exists in the 1310’s as well as the 1520’s.
She is interested in all things to do with wool and garment making, tries to fence and is intending to practise archery in the future. She is also planning an alter ego as a 1500’s prioress… due to her longstanding interest in all things religious and literary.
Cecily  Cecily Arderne lives in Elizabethan London. Her family are in the publishing trade and their fortunes have varied under the Tudor monarchs, but times are now prosperous. Besides taking an active interest in printing and translation, she also enjoys tending her garden of fruits and herbs.
James  James Waltham is a London merchant importing both cloth and wine, and has recently become a ship-owner in his own right. His personal interests include good food good wine and beer, maintaining the noble art of archery and high feasts.
Sara Brider  Shirin, daughter of Feroz, hails from the Sassinid Persian Empire, circa 550AD and is frequently traveling as part of her father’s trading activities. Her interests range from cooking to fighting and back again.
Sarah Brider lives in Hemel Hempstead, long-time tech-support sloth ofr a commodities firm.
 Lady Emoni de la fére
 Lady Margrete Pedersdatter