“When we’re at the tavern we
Care not what this world may be,
We play, we drink ’tis thus my friends,
We burn the candle at both ends”

In taberna quando sumus – from the Carmina Burana manuscript of 11th – 13th century poems

 Join us as we recreate a medieval tavern! 

Hargrave Hall, April 28 2018

2pm Doors Open. Please help with decorating and setting up the hall

3pm Crafting – garb and heraldry.  Guy and Maud will be there to lead and answer any questions on getting your kit ready or making your own heraldic bunting. If there is enough interest, a short introduction how to get started on making your own coif or t-tunic can be provided. Anyone taking part needs to bring their own material.

4.30pm James will hold an interactive talk on medieval beer making and its ingredients, with samples to taste, smell and handle.  Part of this will include tasting a range of beers, including some made to medieval recipes and by our members.

We will then learn how to play medieval board, dice and card games, including Fox and Geese, Hazard and Nine Men’s Morris – and try our wits against each other.

6pm-9pm Tavern with pot-luck feast, games, beer – and maybe some simple dances. We welcome anyone to bring their singing voice or instruments.

Bring along “feast gear” (a bowl/plate, a drinking vessel and some cutlery) plus a contribution to the feast (bread, cold meats, cheeses and many fruits are excellent medieval offerings and always welcome and there are shops nearby).

If it is your first Thamesreach event then attendance is free otherwise we ask for £10 per person to cover the hall hire.

Dress code is “an attempt at pre-1600 clothing”. If you have nothing suitable please get in touch with an idea of your size so we can find something for you to borrow (and why not take advantage of the chance to learn to make your own tunic during this event!)

Hargrave Hall (N19 5SP) is close to Archway tube station and Upper Holloway Overground station and is well-served by buses.  Hargrave Road has on street parking, which is free after 1.30pm.